Learning should be as addictive as video games

The way we learn today is wrong.

Students are board, and it’s our fault. We fail to adjust teaching methods to meet the way our student’s brains function best. Take a look at the images below. If ti wasn’t for the color difference, you wouldn’t know that the images are 100 year apart!


28997419_a9d76ae5f5How you learn at school

When you learn at school you…

  • are taught material
  • practice on homework
  • take a test
  • accept your final grade

As a physics teacher, I’ve seen the following countless times

A student struggles to learn the content.

  • They do poorly on a test.
  • Their grade isn’t what they or their parents expect.
  • They drop the course, or lower their standards
  • They believe “I’m just not good at this subject”.

Boredom at school is increasing.

Boredom means that the student is unengaged in their learning. In fact, according to a paper by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation:

Seventy percent of our respondents surveyed were confident that they would have been able to graduate if they had put forth the necessary effort. Even a majority of those with a low grade point average thought they could have graduated. Many of these students indicated they would have worked harder if they had been challenged. (selection portions)

A solution to boredom in our educational system? Look to the industry who has been perfecting engagement for years!

Learning should be as addictive as a video game

Why can’t study time be as fun as game time?

Educators can learn a lot from the video game method of creating engagement. You’ve probably seen students seeking peeks at their mobile game when they should have been paying attention to you in class.

When you play a video game you…

  • observe a problem
  • form a hypothesis
  • test the hypothesis
  • learn from the immediate feedback
  • try it again until it’s perfected

Notice something here? It’s almost identical to the scientific method!


Check out this video on “Games and the Future of Education


What do you think? Should we gameify out education system or are we barking up the wrong tree? Leave a comment below and join in on the conversation.

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