Cover Letter

Michael P. Kocher

11 Algonquin Rd W, Lethbridge AB

C: 403-848-1505

June 13, 2014

Dear Hiring Committee,

It is with great excitement that I submit my application to your high school

One of the greatest feelings is seeing the eyes of a student light up when they discover how something works, and physics provides endless opportunities for this. I use captivating demos as often as possible to engender curiosity, and I design labs and hands-on projects to help students discover the secrets of the universe for themselves. It was great labs and demos that inspired me to complete my bachelors in physics, and I look forward to inspiring my students in the same way.

In addition to my math and science background, I have a strong technological skillset. My passion is integrating technology into the classroom in a way that enhances learning without causing distractions. I have an advanced class website that I am very proud of, and use it for formative assessment, group collaboration, communication to parents, and much more. I even have a personal film studio that I use to make physics and math YouTube videos. A 21st century teacher must constantly be adapting to meet their students evolving technological needs.

I am a strong believer in personal development. I am constantly learning new ways to improve my teaching and how I manage my classroom. I am currently improving my classroom management action plan, as well as working towards obtaining a school bus license so I can take my students on more frequent off campus activities. I’ve recently completed Harry Wong’s Classroom Management Course online, and look forward to cultivating a culture of leadership in my classroom.

If you are looking for a cheerful teacher with a passion for physics, science, math, Spanish and technology, I am confident that when we meet you will see why I believe that I would be the perfect fit for your school.

I would love to meet in person for an interview, and can be reached on my mobile phone at 403-848-1505.




Michael Kocher

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